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Exercise and breathing – the key to Mo Farah’s Olympic gold success?

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Mo Farrah, and the Olympic 10km silver medalist America’s Galen Rupp, have been undertaking a focussed training regime by their coach and mentor Alberto Salazar. Alberto best known for his performances in the New York City Marathons in the early 1980s and his American track records of 13:11.93 for 5,000 m (July 6, 1982 – Stockholm) and 27:25.61 for 10,000 m – (June 26, 1982 – Oslo), has become a legend in the middle- and long-distance disciplines. Training elite athletes at the Nike Oregon Project, Alberto is known for complete focus, detail and novel-training techniques. One of those was to improve the breathing efficiency, through the intercostal muscles, of his athletes using RespiBelt.


RespiBelt is a specially constructed compression belt which allows you to train your breathing and chest muscles during exercise by providing an adjustable load. We are all very familar with training our biceps, legs, abs, by doing exercises such as bicep curls, squats and crunches, but what we don’t have, until now, is a way of training the inspiratory breathing muscles during exercise. Training our inspiratory muscles can improve our breathing efficiency, running economy, help with asthma, and make us use less energy. But please don’t look at the product and think you can use any old elastic belt. The team at Progressive Sports Technologies have spent years developing the right tension in the elastic. If the tension is too high it can overload the muscles, too low and you don’t get any benefit. If you get it just right, like in the RespiBelt, then you can achieve much better performance like the British Triathletes (wording from RespiBelt website):

The first trial of early prototypes was performed with the support of British Triathlon and four of their TASS athletes over an 11 week period. The results of the training intervention proved very interesting. The participants significantly enhanced running economy measures, along with reduced sub-maximal oxygen utilisation and minute ventilation which was considered by British Triathlon scientists as being atypical of results expected due to habitual training adaptations. This prompted further investigation into the RespiBelt using a larger sample size with the addition of a control group. The second trial was performed with 12 competitive athletes over only a 4 week period. Additional measures were taken in addition to the measures previously investigated. All the measures showed positive changes compared to the control group who undertook the same training regime. Breathing endurance improved as did, sub-maximal oxygen consumption, % VO2max, sub-maximal minute ventilation and heart rate. Further improvements in running economy, respiratory frequency and minute ventilation were also present.


RespiBelt comes in 6 sizes that are derived by measuring your chest: X-Small – chest sizes 75 to 80cm; Small – chest sizes 81 to 88cm; Medium – chest sizes 89 to 96cm; L arge – chest sizes 97 to 106cm; and X-Large – chest sizes 107 to 118cm.

If you would like to purchase the best accessory for training breathing muscles then please click on this link to buy the RespiBelt.

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MIPS New Helmet Protection

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

MIPS AB currently has helmets in the snow, cycling and equestrian markets and is in conversation with league sports (NHL, NFL).


The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, or MIPS, was developed by a Swedish neuroscientist to protect against oblique impacts to the head, which are much more common than the vertical impacts a traditional helmet helps to protect against. MIPS utilizes a low-friction layer between outer and inner shells of a helmet to minimize rotational violence to the brain. The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) of Sweden has conducted tests concluding MIPS helmets can significantly minimize brain injuries.  Currently available in bike and ski/snowboard helmets from POC Sports, Scott Sports, and R.E.D., the MIPS brain protection system is the best technology available to significantly reduce head injuries for athletes.

How it works:
Test results:



Article by Bryan Roberts

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Barack Obama talks enthusiastically about sport in a 25min interview

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

One of the most powerful men in the world gives us 25 minutes of his time to talk about sport. Great insight into his life and thoughts about sport.

More vidoes if you click the link above!

Article by Bryan Roberts


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Under Armour Metal Speed II Review

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

I purchased these boots prior to playing a 2 day Ultimate Frisbee tournament. This was the teams biggest tournament of the year and without any time to ‘wear’ them in, the boots needed to be comfortable and supporting whilst being waterproof and allowing efficient foot movement and control. There was no bigger stage for me to test the new boots, which largely fulfilled my expectations.

Under Armour Metal Speed II boots

Moisture magnet and breathability

Keeping the foot cool and dry reduces weight and boosts total efficiency. Under Armour HeatGearTM technology has been placed in the upper and performance meshes throughout the shoe to speed up moisture transport and accelerate evaporation. This technology maintains a dry, light microclimate next to the skin, moving moisture away from the foot to the shoes exterior. The tongue is constructed from a highly breathable air mesh which helps accelerate moisture transport and enable ventilated comfort.

Dual Plate Technology

The dual plate design splits the outsole into two components to reduce bulk and complements the foots natural motion. It is claimed to maximise agility and minimise weight, through material reduction. The dual plate design keeps the foot low to the ground for precise moves and explosive acceleration. The insole boards disperse cleat pressure and bridge the space between heel and forefoot, ensuring lightweight mid-foot support and forefoot flexibility. The shoe has been engineered to propel the user forward and reduce the impact on the body.

Progressive Traction

Progressive traction reinvents the traditional round football stud, implementing a built-in directional blade at the base of each stud. The round portion penetrates the ground and maintains rotational capability, while the blade offers additional directional traction.

After wearing these boots for prolonged periods of game time over the course of two days, I can firmly say that I have no issues with comfort. The support and traction provided by the boot both when sprinting into a jump and making hard cuts seemed was second to none and there were no obvious cases of slipping or ankle turning. This is more so highlighted when taking into account the playing conditions I encountered. Following heavy periods of rain, the ground was very muddy and soft, conditions that worsened as the weekend progressed with more play and bad weather. In such conditions it wouldn’t be surprising for water to infiltrate the boot, however at the end of the weekends play this problem had never transpired, with the breathability and waterproofing of the shoe proving to be very successful.

Where I felt the downfall of the shoe came, was in its weight. The show was marketed as being very light, I however did not find this to be the case. The increased weight probably does help with the stability and structure of the boot, but I suspect that when running over dry hard ground the weight of the boot would severely affect the performance of the user.

Overall I feel the boot is very good and provides value for money. However I would suggest that this boot is best suited for use in winter where the ground can soft and muddy in unpredictable weather conditions. Levels of ankle support are high, and I would recommend the boot to a user that participates in a sport which requires jumping, cutting and pushing.

Article by James Jones

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UnderArmour E39 wearable electronic garment

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

This weekend at the NFL combine 10-30 athletes unveiled UnderArmour’s new compression garment with an integrated electronics system.   The NFL combine is an athletic showcase for the top college football prospects to put their physical skills on display for the all the professional teams.  The UA E39 shirt contains a removable sensor pack near the sternum and can give an athlete or coach instant feedback on breathing rate, heart rate, temperature, and movements.  The sensor pack, nicknamed ‘the bug,’ contains a triaxial accelerometer developed in conjunction with a Maryland company called Zephyr.  The system measures acceleration and change of direction.  This can be used to dissect a player’s performance during running or explosion exercises.

The data can be transmitted to wireless devices such as laptops, iPhones, or iPads.  The company will roll the garment out slowly starting with UA sponsored athletes and teams with a projected public release in 2012.

Article by Mike Vasquez

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